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This week, I am launching my very first Branfordgirl Giveaway Quiz! My “seven quick takes” will consist of “seven quick questions,” all based on information in my blog posts (some are under Archives), plus a little light internet research. The first reader to respond (via the “leave a comment” button) with 7 correct answers will win a $10.00 gift certificate to http://www.Amazon.com. Responses will be accepted until midnight Monday night and on Tuesday the lucky winner will be announced. Have fun! Your friend, Branfordgirl.

— 1 —

Identify the drawing room in the photo in the post “the wounds give life.”

— 2 —

What specific location on the Branford shoreline is shown in my banner photo? (Tough one. Search hints: it’s black and white, right? And the name contains the word “Point.”)

— 3 —

What town in western Massachusetts is shown in the first vintage photo in the post “no lasting city”? (Hint: the business on the right that the man is walking past still exists, under a slightly altered name).

— 4 —

Who is the artist of the chalk sketch of the woman with her head in her hands in the post “failure”? Hint: it was completed in 1883.

— 5 —

In my post “my Bible problem,” I mentioned that St. Therese always carried a copy of the New Testament. What other book did she always carry ?(Hint: she had memorized it by age 15).

— 6 —

Name three books Branfordgirl likes.

— 7 —

Name something special about Branford, Connecticut. Yes, I know, this is purely subjective and completely unfair but all sincere replies will be counted as correct!

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